Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)

EAP is an experiential modality which uses horses for therapeutic outcomes.

The horse is central to the process.  Why?

Horses are social animals who have specific roles within their herds.   Being prey animals, they are sensitive to nonverbal communications and they respond to the emotional states of the humans who interact with them. These traits are the basis for a metaphor which can be applied therapeutically to the client's situation.


Susan Hunter is a credentialed facilitator and has practiced in that capacity for eight years.  She has 15 years experience as horse owner and competitor.

      Susan's professional background embraces nearly 30 years of clinical experience and includes settings like a public mental health agency, a psychiatric hospital and emergency department, private practice and a school for special needs children. 
       Her affinity for, and training in Jungian psychology have made her adept in the field of symbolism and metaphor.  Administering and interpreting projective drawings is an expertise of hers and she has conducted seminars on the subject for professionals in the mental health field.  Sandtray and play therapy are used copiously in working with children.  Learning disabilities has been an area of concentration in her work.
Art Therapy
Art Therapy uses tangible media and engages the client in art-making. It involves creativity and aids in the evolution and expression of emotion, thus fostering self-awareness and personal growth.
Susan Hunter did her work in Fine Art at the University of Utah and completed a postgraduate Art Therapy credential through the Northwest Institute of Creative Art therapies in Eugene, Oregon.
Supervision and Consultation
Clinical supervision is the overseeing of a counselor in training by a senior practitioner who exemplifies openness to learning, offers helpful feedback, supports therapeutic efforts and judges clinical competency.
Susan Hunter is an approved supervisor for licensed mental health counseling supervisees in the state of Washington. She has mentored successful interns who are currently licensed.
Brief Therapy and Crisis Resolution
Brief Therapy involves detailed initial assessment and focuses on the client's present situation as opposed to his or her past. It is solution oriented and includes the person's future outlook.
Susan Hunter facilitated the Next Day Appointment (NDA) program as a mental health agency clinician for six years. She assessed, counseled, and facilitated hospitalization for emergency room mental health patients.
Rein’-N-Shine is a comprehensive adolescent psychotherapy package, offering Equine Assisted Therapy during the summer months and Expressive Art Theraphy during the winter. Come and engage the real seasons of your life with professional, fullly credentialled clinical support.
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